My name is Don Law and I am glad you have found my home page, It is getting a little dated, and bringing it up to speed is in my to-do list - just nowhere near the top. So, I'm sorry that the content is so old and incomplete. Pretty much the best thing going here are the links to our Christmas letters, the link to the lights page, and the Warren Gage MP3 files.

If you happened to land here looking for the MP3 files from the Warren Gage Isaiah or John or Christian Vocatioin Bible Application class - welcome. You can find what you seek at for the Christan Vocation class (now in progress), or at for the Isaiah class (now complete), or at for the John class (now complete).

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My biggest and most time-consuming hobby: My Christmas lights are synchronized to music.

If you are looking for the musician in Atlanta, you can find him at He's very cool. He, like me, is named Don Law. He and I were born in the same year in the same state, and we both work in technology and are both musicians. Check out his site for proof that Don Law rocks! :-)

I also run the Don Law portal. It is still in its infancy.

Too cool not to be here: My life verse is the last 6 words of Colossians 1:17 There's an uncanny illustation of this in science.

Older stuff:

I have many interests, some of which are seen here in this web site. You can use the nice green buttons on the left to navigate to other parts of this site.

I live in beautiful South Florida in a city called Plantation, just west of Fort Lauderdale. My wife Barbara and I enjoy sailing out Hobie Cat on Biscayne Bay when time permits. I grew up in South Carolina, but have lived and worked as a software engineer in South Florida since 1984.

If you want a smile, appreciate improvisational engineering, or you just want to see some of the stuff real men come up with, check my real men page. If you are new to the Internet or computers, please read my section on email tips.

I am a part owner of a Salient Software Solutions, Inc., which is a spinoff from Sun Microsystems. We do heavy lifting, Java, XML, Unix, Linux, real-time, you know - stuff like that. We have recently helped with the launch of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc., a web-based business for dispute resolution.

Here is an insightful letter to the editor to put the war in Iraq in perspective.

If you want to see more about my activities, the music button will tell you more about the band I play in, the ministry button will tell you more about our ministry with Little Friends/Big friends, and the Y2K link will tell you more about my involvment in the old Y2K "crisis".

The Arizona 97 button is an illustrated travelog of our trip to Arizona and Utah in 1997.

I have a very unique home-made short wheelbase recumbant bicycle. To see it, use the My Bike button.

If you want to see what my favorite Internet links are, check the Links button.

You may email me at:           (I no longer post a direct link here because spammers will scrape it off this web page. If you email me, you have to type the above address. This is how I know you are a human being and not a spam program.)