Hello, I'm Don Law.


My biggest source of traffic to donlaw.com (or donlaw.net) is people coming here to download the audio MP3 files for the excellent teaching of Dr. Warren Gage. He is a friend and I think the most talented Bible teacher that I have ever met. His teaching has changed my life, and I'm happy to make several of his classes available to any who would like to download and listen.

The MP3 files from Warren's series on Luke and Act are available at donlaw.net/lukeacts. The MP3 files from Warren's series on Isaiah are available at donlaw.net/isaiah. The MP3 files for the Christian Vocation Bible Application class are at donlaw.net/vocation. The series on the Gospel of John are at - you guessed it - donlaw.net/john.


The celebration of Christmas is a big deal in our family. It also provides a good way for you to keep up with us, because every year we write an online Christmas letter with pictures. You can always find the latest one at Christmas.DonLaw.com.

If you have some time to kill, you can look back at our old letters using these links:
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It turns out that Don Law is a great name to have. I'm fortunate enough to own the domain, and know some other fascinating people with my name.

If you landed here looking for the musician in Atlanta, you can find him at donlaw.org. He's very cool. He, like me, is named Don Law. He and I were born in the same year in the same state, and we both work in technology and are both musicians. Check out his site for proof that Don Law rocks! :-)


In spite of all this fun, I do actually produce real work. Several Sun Microsystems alumni co-founded a consulting and products company that you can learn more about at salientsoftware.net.

I developed the technology engine that runs an online arbitration company, Arbitration Resolution Services. You can see more about that company at www.arbresolutions.com. If you do anything there that requires you to log in, then you are running my code.


If you want a smile, appreciate improvisational engineering, or you just want to see some of the stuff real men come up with, check my real men page. If you are a closet redneck like me, you'll appreciate the ingenuity. These people will survive the zombie apocalypse.

I play bass guitar from time to time. I was a member of a band a few decades ago called Crossover - you can see a photo on my music page. The Arizona 97 page is an illustrated travelog of our trip to Arizona and Utah in 1997. The Vacation 17 site gives an overview of our amazing vacation to Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah in the summer of 2017.

You may email me at:           (I no longer post a direct link here because spammers will scrape it off this web page. If you email me, you have to type the above address. This is how I know you are a human being and not a spam program.)

Copyright? Nah, nothing here worth stealing. :-)