Merry Christmas 2016!!


Daughters - 2016 - Rachel had her 13th birthday, which means we now have two teenage girls in the house! Keep calm and hold on! Both girls have stepped it up another level in 8th grade. They are homeschooled, participate in Classical Conversations, and also take study skills, Spanish, art, and physical science at HEED.

Sarah has developed an interest in barrel racing (riding a horse as quickly as possible through a course marked by barrels). She enjoys riding on her favorite horse, Bo, who is about as mellow as Sarah is. They make a great team.
Rachel has taken naturally to track, and ran on the South Florida Heat track team. She has the gift of speed, and the drive to win. She runs on the South Florida Heat track team. They are a super group of people, with wise leaders who want to develop character as well as strong athletes. Despite the extra load of track practice, it has been a great experience.
Road Trip - We love heading out on a new adventure, seeing places we've never seen before. This year's loop included Tallahassee FL, Mobile AL, Ocean Springs MS, New Orleans LA, Memphis TN, Huntsville AL, Knoxville TN, Chattanooga TN, Hiawassee, GA and back home. We toured the state capitol in Tallahassee, boarded the USS Alabama in Mobile, and visited our dear friend Cece in Slidell LA. She graciously hosted us in the Mardi Gras Suite of her home, which we renamed to the Slidell luxury resort. We savored the beignets and muffalettas of New Orleans. We toured the home and gravesite of Elvis, and soaked up the blues on Beale Street in Memphis. We dined with Don's college buddies the Rowleys (Ray is an actual rocket scientist) in Huntsville and toured the Space and Rocket Center. In Knoxville we met up with the Arnolds, friends who used to live in South Florida. We swerved into an unplanned visit to the Lost Sea Adventure, where we went on a boat ride on America's largest underground lake. In Chattanooga, we had a great time visiting Don's nephews and their families.
Career - Don's contract with Royal Caribbean ended (a two month contract that lasted over three years). He has started working on a secretive project with what Wired magazine calls “the world's most secretive startup.” It's called Magic Leap and is a wonderful place to work. The company attracts the best from all over the country to create a new mixed reality experience. Check or the Magic Leap channel on YouTube to get and idea of what it is about. There's also articles in Wired Magazine and Forbes Magazine. Don gets to do and see amazing things every week at work. This technology startup isn't in Silicon Valley, Boston, or New York. It's right here in Plantation - three blocks from our house. And that's pretty much all Don can tell you about it.
Other - We were blessed to be passed by hurricane Matthew without incident. We did deploy shutters, and it's nice to have a couple of hearty teenagers able to help out. Barbara is still homeschooling the girls. She fell off a ladder this summer and dislocated her shoulder. She has just finished with her physical therapy last week. She has also been working a lot on the family genealogy. It is amazing to find out who we are related to.
Thanks for reading, and we hope your Christmas is filled with peace.
With love, Don, Barbara, Sarah, and Rachel Law.