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Merry Christmas 2007!!

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger.

Dear Family & Friends, I can't believe another year has come & gone so soon. It seems the older we get the faster the time goes. Our year did not start out so good. We were just finishing up my Mom Mildred's estate when her brother Bill had the same stroke but on the opposite side of his brain. He was in the hospital & rehab for six weeks when he passed away on January 30, 07. We got the news as we were coming home from visiting Don's Mom in Charleston. She was in hospice. She passed away two days later on February 1, 07.

Needless to say things were quite hectic. Trying to get to both funerals. But God was so good & worked out everything. We have all really missed our Mom's. It seems so strange not to talk with them & share what we are doing. The good news is that we know we will see them in heaven again.

Don spent the first of the year in a lot of pain as he tried to recover from a back injury. In 2006, he fell and broke the L3 vertabra in his back. As far as spinal injuries go, it isn't too bad. He has a compression fracture, which just means that bone isn't as big as it used to be.

We have decided to Homeschool both of our girls. We started a Kindergarden curriculum this year. I went to the state Homeschool convention in May to look at books & what is offered. We are doing bible, math, phonics, geography & science about three days a week. We have enjoyed studying a curriculum called Galloping the Globe. We are learning the seven continents & studying about one or two countrys on each continent. Sarah has started with the Christian Homeschool Athletic group. She goes once a week for three hours. She loves it. Many of her friends from church are in this group.

Our Big vacation this year was going on the Disney cruise ship to the western carribbean for a week. We went with Don's sister & brother-in-law Charlotte & Ron. Their son Mark & his wife Angie and their kids Aly & Jon all went. We had such a good time. It was fun for the cousins to travel together & do things together.

Disney knows how to entertain the kids. They had two clubs for different age groups. We put the kids in when they wanted to do what was being offered. Such as baking cookies, making flubber, using the computer lab or meeting some of the characters. This gave us adults free time.

That was wonderful. If you don't pick up your child when it is time for a meal, then they will feed them too.

Each year our church hosts a festival during the time of Halloween. Our girls always love to get dressed up!

We are so blessed to have so many great freinds. I speak for both our adult friends and Sarah and Rachel's friends. Here they are with some girlfriends who love to get all dressed up.

Mommy always has some great helpers around the house!

Speaking of great friends, we went on a Disney trip with our friends the Cox's and the Weber's. Here we are taking the plunge! Top (4th) row: Rachel, Don, Sarah. 3rd row: Savannah Cox, buried under her mom, Diana Cox. 2nd row: Mike Weber, Michelle Weber. Front (1st) row: Connor Cox, Jeff Cox. If you want to see even more photos from this trip, you can view the online album at Our online Disney photo album

After Christmas, we travelled up to the mountains in NC near Asheville and rented a home for a week. We met up with Don's family and had a great time with all the kids, while trying not to do too much. Here is a photo of us at Chimney Rock. If you want to see even more photos from this trip, you can view the online album at Our online Christmas photo album

Don put up his Christmas light display. He has put together the lights to syncronize with three Christmas songs. It looks great!!!! You can see it on the web at:

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